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Oropesa del Mar

Oropesa del Mar is a typically Mediterranean town of Costa del Azahar. The good climate, the natural beauty of his calm beaches of thin sand and coves, the cliffs, the monuments, his rich and varied gastronomy based on the products of the sea, his open and extrovert holidays, the sports port, the picturesque Old town, the activities and sports events … All these incentives accompanied by a modern tourist infrastructure will make his stay unrepeatable in this beautiful seaworthy population.

After covering this web, it will know which are the most emblematic places of Oropesa del Mar, his history, the activities that it can realize, etc. Finally, it will be prepared to make use to the maximum of his visit to Oropesa.

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The variety is the dominant note of the coast of Oropesa del Mar, divided in two by the end of the same name. To the north, more than 2 km of virgin sand beach and it burdens - with excellent rocky bottoms to practice submarine fishing and diving they take step to a boisterous sand beach urban fine and equipped with all the services. The end serves as protection the ample beach of the Shell it turns and it into privileged place to begin in windsurf and, next, between the end of the Iberian town and the sport port there is a small cove that constitutes a perfect natural solarium. The modern port counts on a candle school and also exists a diving club that organizes immersions by the zone and in the Columbretes Islands. Towards the south, the coast becomes rustic and the cliffs follow one another in all the perimeter of the mountain range of Oropesa del Mar to finally smooth out in the limit with Benicàssim giving rise to calm beaches between which they emphasize Them Playetes de Bellver and the Renegá.

Communicated account with the airport of Manises to 80 kilometers, with domestic flights and international and to 20 kilometers well the sport airport of Castellón. By highway, a-7 freeway, in its exit 45, connects the population with all the Mediterranean coast. Also the N-340 Barcelona - Valencia, happens through the population. A railway station with exits in the direction of Valencia and to Barcelona exists every day. Oropesa del Mar counts on a line of regular buses that start off daily, with provincial and national destinies.

Throughout history, Oropesa del Mar, with its superb strategic situation to borders of the Mediterranean, has been center of attraction of the numerous cultures that have happened through the Peninsula. From the Paleolithic one they date the first slumses, stated by the rest found in Cau d´En Borras.Los íberos vestiges of Orpesa the Beautiful one and Roman located in the zone, they confirm all the strong presence of these cultures in the Mediterranean shore. During the Average Age, Oropesa del Mar belonged Military man of the Hospitable ones at your service and, later Jaime I conquered its castle in the year 1233.La town was under the dominion of different gentlemen governed who it, and was Jofré de Thous who fortified the castle and the walls. Still today the drawn up one primitive in the Old Helmet can be appraised.

Before the numerous attacks of the berberiscos pirates, most famous it was perpetrated by Barbarroja, Pedro I of Antequera commanded to construct in the coast the defensive tower of the King who later would reform Felipe II giving his present configuration him.
Oropesa del Mar also suffered, during the Napoleonic invasion, the attack of the troops of Marshal Suchet who flew the castle and part of their wall before the heroic resistance of the town.

If we entered ourselves by the old district of the town we can contemplate old drawing up the medieval one, with its narrow ones and raised streets that show their past to us. The winding streets of the Old Helmet of Oropesa del Mar, at present welcome an important centered complementary tourist supply in the visit of Galleries of Art, stores of antiques, photographs, exhibition halls and museums, as well as typical taverns, small restaurants and boutiques of singular products that cause that this singular surroundings are known like the City of the Antique dealers. To the dusk the visitor can enjoy a calm stroll by the framework of streets that form the historical set, attending popular auctions of old objects, contemplating to the antiques exhibited in stores and swap-meets or tasting typical plates of the locality in the different terraces and restaurants located at the top of the most colorful buildings.

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The routes are several that we can realise in our visit, beginning by the Marine Stroll of the beach Nose of Gos can do a route until the sport port finding to their step places with a special enchantment like the Place of Majorca where the Universal” sculpture is raised “presides over that it. From this place a pedestrian stroll begins by the coast where it will be able to admire rocky cliffs, ideal for the practice of the fishing. The Light of Oropesa del Mar of century XIX is raised on this pedestrian stroll that located in the end of Oropesa del Mar will delight to us with the splendid views and the breeze. Next to him we found one of the most emblematic monuments and better conserved of Oropesa del Mar: the Tower of the King of century XVI vestige of the past defensive of this town. If we continued our route we will arrive at the Marine Stroll of the Beach of the Shell that with its special configuration offers to the swimmers calm waters. Following the coast we arrived at the Archaeological Deposit that dates from the time of the íberos and from which is observed our destination: the Sport Port. Its natural location will draw attention to us of this place on which the mountain and its vegetation are based with the sea.

It spends a day to cross the footpaths of Monte of the Bobalar that will take to him by zones of Mediterranean forest which the sea and the Deportivo.Disfrutará Port of places are raised on as the Viewpoint Mount Columbretes Bobalar-Islands that in cleared days let glimpse the silhouette of the Natural Park of the Columbretes Islands in the horizon and of rocky coves in beaches of the Renegá. Before finalizing this route in Playetas de Bellver, residential zone with calm beaches, we will descry the South coast of Oropesa del Mar from the Viewpoint of Bellver Tower. The native vegetation of these environs is characteristic.

The variety of the coast of Oropesa del Mar is the first characteristic that surprises when we approached its beaches. To the north of the end of Oropesa del Mar the extensive beaches of Them Amplaries and Moor of Gos, of white sands, ideals to practice nautical sports and, more towards the south, the bay of the Shell are abren, of quiet and calm waters, with a length of five hundred meters of fine sand that ends up being fused with the marine stroll.

Between the beach of the Shell and last spurs of the Mountain range of Oropesa del Mar, is the Sport Port that it counts on modern facilities and capacity for 668 moorings. As much the beaches of the Shell and Nose of Gos, as the sport Port has been deserving for years of the award of Blue Flag of the FEEE in recognition to the quality and cleaning of their waters and extraordinary grant of services.

Next the coast changes abruptly and takes to step to a beautiful cliff landscape and coves surrounded by pines and typical vegetation then Mediterránea.Encontramos the residential zone of the Playetes de Bellver and the beach of the Renegá where the sea is united with the coast surrounded by native vegetation.

During his stay it will be able to enjoy the sea and the sun in sand beaches fine or the sport fishing, in cliffs of the South zone of the coast. If it takes a walk by the old helmet, will discover magical corners with medieval flavor. One approaches until the Light, near the Tower of the King, to delight with the breeze and the splendid views on the cliff. In order to finalize, it spends a day to cross the footpaths near the mountain range of Oropesa del Mar and enjoys the panorama of the fields of naranjos in a first plane, framed by the sea.

The castle of Oropesa del Mar was, initially, constructed by the Muslims who left Orpesa the Beautiful one by strategic reasons and of security. He is enough that the visitor is placed in him to verify the absolute visual dominion that is had of the horizon is watched where it watches itself. Later, and given its military importance, the Cid (1090) or King Jaime I was conquered by historical personages like (1233).

Several have been the families of gentlemen of Oropesa del Mar, but they emphasize by its importance three: the Jaffero, that obtained the privilege to have a frank port, the Thous, señorío during which the Tower of the King was constructed, and the Cervellón, when the Puebla Letter to Oropesa del Mar was granted (3 of April of 1589). Nowadays, the castle of Oropesa del Mar constitutes an historical reference, plagued of so own political and diplomatic mysteries of the Average Age. To take a walk by the castle revives that feeling of greatness that has the men when thinking that everything what they see is his.

The castle of Arab origin is in the top of a small knoll under which the population has arisen.
The first news concentrate around century XI, when the Cid, after the conquest of Valencia, widened its dominions towards the North and it was overcome Muslim king Alhagib.
The castle, died the Cid, returned at the hands of almorávides.
Definitively it was reconquered by Jaime I in 1233.
Military man of the Hospitable ones belonged at your service.
Oropesa del Mar became a Flat strategically important point of of Castellón related to the chain of neighboring strengths of Xivert, Pulpis and Peñíscola. 
It was reconstructed in century XIV and preparation for the artillery in him century XVI.
The works finished definitively in 1623.
Unfortunately it finished destroyed in the War of Independence, because it had been an important garrison.

In the interior, the Mountain range of Oropesa del Mar raises a natural wall that it protects to the town of peninsular winds and it provides a climate temperate throughout the year to him. Between this mountainous barrier and the coast abre a worked earth strip occupied by naranjos and vegetables. In the zones of dry land the almond tree abounds, the olive tree and the grapevine, whose grapes are used to elaborate the well-known came moscatel.
Places as the Bobalar mount, of great ecological value, is ideal to carry out calm strolls before initiating one night filled with surprises in the multiple terraces, pubs, bars and discotheques that Oropesa del Mar offers to all whatever visit it.

As far as the tourist infrastructure Oropesa del Mar it owns a great supply of modern hotels, camping and apartments that, without a doubt, all type will satisfy with demands.

The 23 of June are tradition to celebrate the night of San Juan around the famous bonfires that are burned in the beach. Correfocs, fireworks castles, I report of the attractive one of San Juan and Verbenas, is some of the activities.
The 25 of Julio are the celebration of San Jaime. During all the week they are celebrated all type of acts of popular character and great participation: traditional concerts, dances, confinements pamplonica style, heifers and embolado bull, activities of infantile animation, fireworks masceltas and castles.
The first Sunday of October the festival of the Virgin of the Patience is celebrated, employer of the town. Oropesa del Mar celebrates during the first numerous week of October festive acts: concerts, cavalcades, dances, traditional, heifers and embolado bull, contests of fishing, astronomical processions, tastings….
Monday following to this festival, is a popular astronomical act, is celebrated the contest of paellas, justification to meet friendly and neighboring around a deeply popular celebration.
The Gardens Marine d'Or reunite exotic vegetation coming from the 5 continents. More than 100,000 m2 of green and landscaped zones does of Navy d'Or one of the most beautiful places of all the Mediterranean.
Gardens with channels, cascades, sources… sinfín of details to delight our senses, like the banks of gaudiano style.
In 1ª line of beach, and the heart of Marine d'Or-City of Vacations, aquamarine the scientific bath major of Europe. One benefits from the properties of the aquamarine like source of beauty, health and well-being.
The Columbretes Islands are the insular but singular space of Valencian Community and one of the small archipelagoes of greater ecological interest of the Mediterranean. A small barren islands series of and stone located to 30 miles of the coast of Castellón, about 56 km and reunited are formed by in 4 groups, to which it gives to the name the major them of each of his islands: Illa Grossa, the Ferrera, the Foradada and the Carallot. Altogether, the archipelago extends throughout 3 miles marine, with a total of 19 hectares emerged, which 14 correspond to L'Illa Grossa, where the light of Columbretes is located and that is the unique one that been has lived.

Celebrations and free time
One approaches Oropesa del Mar and participates in the numerous acts that are organized in their supervisory celebrations: contests, processions, activities, etc. The 23 of June are tradition to celebrate the night of San Juan, around the famous bonfires that are burned in the beach, the night becomes magician. A little later, the 25 of July is the celebration of San Jaime. During all one week they become all type of acts of popular character and great participation. The first Sunday of October the festival of the Virgin of the Patience is celebrated. Following Monday, in a popular gastronomical act, the contest of paellas is celebrated, excuses without a doubt to meet friendly and neighboring, besides offering to the visitor the traditional plate, cooked with care and expert hand. But it has not been able to visit Oropesa del Mar during these dates is not discouraged, the rest of the year is assured the diversion. The town counts on numerous bars and restaurants in the same beach, modern discotheques, terraces of cinema and all a zone in the avenue of the Light where pubs and terraces for the lovers are concentrated outdoors at night.

Oropesa del Mar has a rich gastronomy that unites products from the sea to those of its extensive kitchen garden. The paella emphasizes between the numerous forms to cook the rice: negre, broths, rossejat, to forn, etc. The restaurants of the population offer, in addition, plates like fideuà, the caragolada one and fished and cooked seafood of very diverse forms. At the time of the dessert they are united to traditional cokes the fruit that offers with variety and abundance here, emphasizing the famous oranges.

The superb climate which the population of Oropesa del Mar enjoys invites to him to the practice of all type of sports. Account with one of the more attractive and colorful sport ports of the Mediterranean coast by its natural location and its modern facilities. Sports related to the sea are harnessed and excursions to the Natural Reserve of the Columbretes Islands can be realised every day where all their beautiful surroundings can be practiced diving and be crossed. The transparency of its waters is the natural habitat of great variety of subaqueous species, with a singular ecosystem, being at present one of the few places where the chorale can be found red. From his beaches it will be able to practice windsurf, water skiing, to lead water motorcycles, to sail to candle, to enjoy the sport fishing or to attend the daily classes of diving.
A polideportivo with fronton offers modern facilities to which wishes to be in form. In addition, Oropesa del Mar also offers the possibility of realising mountain cycling by natural surroundings of matchless beauty, to take a walk to horse if it goes to the equestrian one, to spend an unforgettable day mounting in kart, the practice to him of golf or to realise senderismo by mounts near the town.