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The variety of the coast of Oropesa del Mar is the first characteristic that surprises when we approach to his beaches.

To the north of The Orpesa end Amplaries opens the extensive beaches to themselves of Them and of Knob of Gos, of white sand, ideals to practise nautical sports and, more towards the south, the bay of the Conch, of calm and calm waters, with a length of five hundred meters of thin sand that ends up by melting with the seafront.

Between the beach of the Conch and the last spurs of the Saw of Oropesa, there is the Sports Port that is provided with a few modern facilities and capacity for 668 moorings.

Next the coast changes sudden and passes to a beautiful scenery of cliffs and coves surrounded with pines and Mediterranean typical vegetation. We find then the residential area of Them Platges de Bellver and the Beach of the Renegà where the sea joins with a coast surrounded with indigenous vegetation.

Both the beaches of the Conch and Knob of Gos and the sports port have been deserving for years of the award of Blue Flag of the FEEE in recognition to the quality and cleanliness of his waters and extraordinary endowment of services.