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Castle of Oropesa

On top of the old town there are located the ruins of the walls and of the castle, of Moslem origin.

The castle of Oropesa of the Sea was, initially, constructed by the Muslims who left Orpesa la Vella for strategic motives and of safety. Basting that the visitor is located in him to verify the absolute visual domain that is had of the horizon looks where it looks.

Later, and considering his military importance, it was conquered by historical personages like The Brave man (1090) or King Jaime I (1233).

Several have been the masters' families of Oropesa of the Sea, but three stand out for his importance: the Jaffero, which obtained the privilege of having a frank port, the Thous, dominion during which Tower of the King was constructed her , and the Cervellón, when the Letter was granted It Populates Oropesa of the Sea (April 3, 1589).

Nowadays, the castle of Oropesa of the Sea constitutes a historical reference, infested with so proper political and diplomatic mesenteries of the Middle Age.

to Walk along the castle resuscitates this feeling of nobility that the men have on having thought that everything what they see it is his.