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Discover the magic and the delight of the only space, loaded with history and beautiful corners where to enjoy.

Old town
to Gain access to the old town of Oropesa of the Sea and transports his city of the antiquarians to the visitor in the time.

On top of the old town there are located the ruins of the walls and of the castle, of Moslem origin.

This simple church placed in the old town of the city of Oropesa del Mar, invites the visitor to the withdrawal without pompousness.

defensive Towers
Oropesa was a place of frequent Berber attacks, by what several defensive towers were constructed.

The variety of the coast of Orpesa is the first characteristic that surprises when we approach to his beaches.

One of the marina of more recent construction, as well as the widest and of better facilities of the coast castellonense.

Allow you to take for the sound of the sea, the light, the colors, the music, the artistic works... to walk, to look and to contemplate without hurry …

Museum of the Iron
One of the best museums of the world as for rejería Spaniard refers.

Museum of the Playing card
The card, maximum international expression of the games of table, has in this museum his fully deserved recognition.